by The Slums

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released March 22, 2016

Produced by The Slums and Paul Besch. Recorded at Quiet Country Audio. Mixed by Paul Besch, Mastered by John Angelo. Dad Rock riffs courtesy of Dr. Smiles.



all rights reserved


The Slums Buffalo, New York

All songs recorded at Quiet Country audio with Paul Besch.

All photos and videos by Corey James Harris.

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Track Name: Gospel Part I
Thought my thoughts would grow
On you, but they don't
Full bloom to naught
Clay head and rot

I cut my palms in a garden of thorns
Bent my back all fucking day
But my seeds were stillborn, so what
That light don't touch much

Stay Closed

Don't dig me up, no
Let my heart rest till the next harvest

Thought that light was close
Help me, but you won't
You were inches above
I'll rot for your love

Decay in the dirt
And wonder what's next
I'd die for your sins but I lack the complex
And I've lost interest

Live in the soil
Rob and ingest
Your hands turn to barbs
And you stab as you bless
I'm punctured and usless
Track Name: Black Lung
Shame to not take advantage of
A cloud this thick, a blinded love
I'll eat the blame, but I won't swallow

What a beautiful night
What a terrible sunrise
You need me gone
And I won't argue at all
You need me gone

Your cigarette stained teeth
Lick my conscience clean
Something beautiful is happening to me

Blame it on me

All this talk slinging shit has gotten me hungry
Mouth full of that black stuff doesn't matter if you're ugly

Stay patient son
Your mother tongue
Keeps soft eyes shut
I'll take what comes
With a handful of stones
And see-through walls

I've seen enough
I've become what
I covered in mud
You're a sickness I caught
You are smokers cough
You're my sweet black lung
Track Name: Blue Suits
A kiss for everyday I've been gone
I heard this black mood was something you caught
Brown mouth dripping Freon into my coffee cup
But I just kick my boots off and say I haven't killed enough

The fever dreams let me hold you again
I missed you in Philedelphia

Cool off, sweetness
I'm home
When words weigh down the melody
Just hum
Pray for me or don't, I don't care
God has two blind eyes out there
Track Name: Purple Heart
Long time since back then
Can't say where I've been since
Overlap and blend
Open casket on the fence
Both my mouths stayed shut
I can't make the screens light up
Without your seatbelt digging into my right hip

Please don't leave me here

I don't miss back then
The shit has left the grin
I miss a small world
With fake smiles
Fake pearls

You called us soldiers
And with all my heart I thought we were
Pink then red then purple
Bad then worse then awful

Create the line and force me to cross it
I cracked first and I'm going to crack next
Lead me to nowhere
I cannot stay here
Track Name: David
Don't remember that face
Inside and out and backwards
You call me by his name
But you're always sad after
It was a long long drive
Too long for my liking
It was a quiet quiet drive
Dear God I would have prayed for fighting

And it's all for you
Davey I'm not sure who to blame
Maybe God
Maybe it doesn't really fucking matter
I guess not

You're life as a warning sign
Is that all?
It can't be

Divide your life
Into tiny little piles
Pray that you're above
Death turns us all into jackals
Turn your head aside
Point your finger at the sun
Not sure if she was brave
Take your broken life and run

And it's all for you
Davey I'm not sure who to blame
Maybe God
Maybe it doesn't really fucking matter
I guess not
We clutch like children
At pictures and a note
Your life into a poem that
Someone else wrote
This can't be it
Track Name: Bottleneck
Eat the crow
Clean the mouth out with soap
My foot in the door
As you climb out the window
That cursory glance
That worn out chant
That screams at you to leave
Then begs you to come back

In the bottleneck

I don't feel good
And you don't feel well
So who's pulling who
Out of this hell
Cause I feel like shit
And you're feeling down
So which of us will suck the poison out

This dead end love
That keeps us young
That kisses my cheek
And bites my tongue
This dead end love
That eats our sons
Born to die and to leave us stunned
Track Name: Gospel Part II
I'll just stay inside my head
And listen to thoughts claw their way through the bone
I'll just keep nervously laughing and tapping my foot
To the song that you wrote

But you can do no wrong in my eyes

Still I'll be your choir of doubt
Ram the gospel in my mouth

I'll just keep beating the same dead horse
Till it wakes and kisses me on the hand
I'll just keep cat-calling leaves
and scratching the bark with the nails of my friends

Preach brother preach
Teach me to grieve
I'm sick of denial
Preach brother preach
Tell me to leave
This hunger's my home
Track Name: Wait
Too old
Too old to need the pleasure of blame
The sweetness of wait

When will I grow tired
Of being a child
Am I waiting for you?
Or the other way around?

But I know that I'll say yes
To anything that you could ask
Don't make me bow my head
Don't make me beg

You don't need my advice
You keep your candle burning all night
Setting the drapes on fire
Maybe someday
Meet me halfway
Don't matter what,
Just try something
Just don't help me